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About Us

Since 2001, GLADSWING has been building the finest playground parts and accessories for outdoor playsets across the world.GLADSWING cares deeply about the lives of children, as well as the livelihood of their workers, Our product line has expanded from Plastic Swing and Metal Parts to a complete line of Residential and Commercial Playground Parts and Accessories; including swingsets and play slides earning the distinction of carrying the most extensive product line in the industry.  Creating beautiful, functional children's play sets are not the sole goal at GLADSWINGS’ headquarters. The mission of GLADSWING is to introduce exercise, build self-confidence, and develop the imaginations of young children so that they can grow to be well-rounded teens and adults. And for them, that mission starts in the GLADSWING playground. 
Our advantage
*The finest playground parts and accessories for outdoor playsets.
*Continually researching and testing new ideas to deliver the finest, most innovative products available for outdoor play sets..
*Creating beautiful, functional children's play sets.
*Components and accessories for playground equipment is made of excellent, environmental and safety material, It meets and exceeds GS&TUV&CE standards

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